Getting Started

Adventure World of Computing

Wondering where you should start?

Dive into the world of modern computing with Adventure World! This course will allow you to try robotics, virtual reality, game design, coding, and so much more! 

Ages 8-10


E-Sewing: Wear Your Electronic Designs

With sewable electronics, you can combine traditional fashion design science and electrical engineering. 

Make and wear your designs! 

Ages 10-13, 14-17

Get a crash course on electronics and coding by working with Arduino microprocessors! This is the perfect class for beginners!

Ages 11-13, 14-17

Coding with Arduino


Learn about circuits and electronics in our Makerclub course! With new projects every year, you will never get bored!

Ages 10-17


Drone Adventures

Learn the basics of coding with drones using Snap! visual programming environment. This is a perfect course for beginners who want to see what it’s like to fly!

Ages 8-10, 11-13

Coding with Drones

Learn to code and fly your own drone in this in depth course!

It’s a great way to understand programming concepts while working in an Arduino programming environment.

Ages 11-13, 14-17

Game Design

Introduction to Game Design with Kodu

This course is the perfect introduction to video game design for beginners. Nobody is too young to start creating cool 3D games!

Ages 8-10

2D Game Development with JavaScript

Learn the basics of JavaScript programming by developing your own games. Get ready to design your own characters and do lots of coding!

Ages 11-13, 14-17

3D Game Design with Unity

Learn 3D game design with Unity3D in this advanced course. It's perfect for anyone wanting to build their own game and gain experience with C# programming language!

Ages 11-13, 14-17

Advanced 2D Game Development with JavaScript

Continue learning JavaScript programming by developing your own games. Get ready to design your own characters and do lots of coding!

Ages 11-13, 14-17


Coding with Robots

Who doesn’t love robots? Come build your own in this introductory course on robotics and coding!

Ages 8-10, 11-13

Dancing Robot

Did you know robots could dance? Learn exactly how you can program your own robot to put on a show in this introductory robotics course!

Ages 8-10, 11-13

Robotics with Aruduino

Learn about robotics & electronics with Arduino. If you’re interested in 3D printing parts and building your very own robot, this is the course for you!

Ages 11-13, 14-17

Web Design

Introduction to Web Design

Learn how to create a professional quality web site in this introduction course! This course is perfect for beginners who want to get started in web development by learning HTML and CSS.

Ages 11-13, 14-17

Advanced Web Design with JavaScript

Do you want to add an image gallery or blog to your website? Learn how to create an interactive website using JavaScript with this advanced course!

Ages 11-13, 14-17

3D PrInting

Introduction to 3D Printing

Learn basic 3D printing techniques by using modeling software to design your product and print your own 3D designs. Make your creations come to life!

Ages 11-13, 14-17

Advanced 3D Printing

Practice your precision and improve your 3D printing skills with this advanced course! Get ready to be challenged with complex designs!

Ages 11-13, 14-17

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