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Thank you Megan!

On behalf of everyone at Cyberlaunch Academy, we would like to extend a huge thank you to our former Regional Director, Megan Doherty.

Megan first started at Cyberlaunch in the Fall of 2016 and began making a positive impact immediately. Her love for learning, art, and technology was so contagious that it created a space in which her students could also share those passions. Not only did she make a difference in the classroom, but made tremendous contributions behind the scenes as well. Whether she was networking, designing new course curriculum, or even setting up equipment, she always had a smile on her face as she aspired to make Cyberlaunch Academy the best place it could be. Megan has recently graduated from Software Engineering at UNB and has accepted a full time position at Microsoft where we are certain she will continue to inspire those around her! We are very proud of her and are extremely grateful for everything that she has done to make Cyberlaunch Academy what it is today!

Replacing Megan as Regional Director is Alexis Savoie, a Software Engineering student who is entering her final year at UNB and is looking forward showing students how fun technology can be!

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