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CyberGirls: Catch the Bug!

Software testing workshop

Workshop ages: 13-17

Do you want to play a software detective trying to 'catch bugs'? Have you ever thought of breaking software? Then this workshop is for you!

People often forget that computer software, websites, and mobile applications require testing in order to make sure that they work the way they should. Your experience with constantly glitching smart phone applications or confusing navigation instructions on an important website may become very frustrating, if someone haven’t tested software before making it available to users. In this workshop you will learn how to “catch bugs” in software and make it more user friendly.

What does this workshop cover:

This is an exploratory workshop which will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to software testing

  • Automated testing for websites

  • Introduction to Selenium IDE testing platform

In partnership with

Summer 2017 Workshop time

June 4, 10-2pm

Cost: free

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