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2D Game Development with JavaScript


Course Ages: 11-13, 14-17

All materials & equipment are provided

“We drive three hours each way to ensure our daughters have the chance to attend the CyberGirls experience. It is outstanding education in a great environment, and it is fun! Our girls love it, and would not miss it.”

Master the fundamentals of Javascript design your own games. This is an excellent first text-based coding course for children aged 10+. Younger gamers looking for an introduction to game design should check out our Introduction to Game Design with Kodu.  The next step after this course is 3D Game Design with Unity

What does this course cover:

This course is specifically designed as an introductory course. Students will learn coding concepts such as variables, functions and classes, as they go from game consumer to game creator. Students will use Phaser environment for coding as it supports the creation of 2D browser-based games. 

By the end of the course the students will

  • Gain a good understanding of Javascript programming language

  • Receive a brief introduction into game design.

  • Be familiar with the Phaser environment to continue coding at home

  • Have a working browser-based game 

Become a pro at JavaScript and game design at the same time!


Sarah, Bangor, Maine

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