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What is CyberLaunch Academy?

CyberLaunch Academy is fun interactive and engaging way to promote computational thinking and computer science among children 7 - 17 yearly old. We at CyberLaunch Academy share the vision that appreciation of science and technology should be nurtured from an early age and that practical computer science skills should be built gradually and systematically starting in elementary school and throughout the entire course of studies. We inspire children to be innovators, thinkers and learners.

CyberLaunch Academy is a non-profit organization. We provide camps, afterschool programs, and weekend sessions.  We teach coding, digital art, making  and innovation through high quality interactive hands-on courses. We partner with schools, provide our currculum and work behind the scenes to strengthen our communities.


Our instructors are current or former university students from computer science and computer engineering fields, and industry professionals. They are passionate about fields and love to share their knowledge. All instructors obtained criminal record check. Our classes are run by Lead Instructors and their assistants to ensure that everything we do meets our high standards of quality.


We have created our own proprietary high quality curricula to inspire and build the next generation of innovators. 

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