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Adventure World of Computing

Course Ages: 8-10

Introductory course

10 weeks

All materials & equipment are provided

My son had such an awesome time and excitedly talked about the days activities every night.

Amy, mother of  a computer enthuasist

Imagine yourself being an eight year old boy or girl again. What would you give for a chance of having those magic powers you use to dream of: the powers that would let you run free among prehistoric dinosaurs? The powers that could make you the hero who saves the world? The powers that could bring to life your favorite toy? The "Adventure World of Computing" course makes all these experiences as real as they can be.


What does this course cover:

This course is specifically designed as an introductory computer science appreciation course for girls and boys. This course will immerse children into the world of modern computing introducing a new topic in each session. 


Through interactive, engaging, and hands on experiences children will

  • develop basic understanding of algorithms and binary count

  • learn computer programming basics using Scratch visual programming language

  • learn how computers look from inside

  • create short animation

  • explore 3D printing

  • experience just how real the virtual reality is

  • disassemble a computer

  • learn game design and build their first game with Kodu  

  • program their first robot

The overarching goal of this course is to build the foundation for the life-long appreciation of computer science in particular and science & technology in general by stimulating their passion about computing technology and by demonstrating that learning science is exciting and fun.

Prior programming knowledge is not required.

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