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Robotics with Arduino

Robot on Wheels

Come and learn about electronics, circuit boards, and programming such boards with C-like language. 

This course is designed to introduce you to basics of robotics with Arduino micro-controller board. Using the project based approach our instructors will guide you in building your own Arduino based robot. You will have an opportunity to utilize 3D printing technology for designing and printing parts for your robot and later you will use C-like language to send your robot on uniquely planned missions.


The best is yet to come! You will have a chance to take your robot home and continue experimenting with various engineering and programming ideas at your own pace.   

What does this course cover:

Through this interactive course students will

  • Learn the principals of electronics and robotics.

  • Have the opportunity to 3D print customized parts for their robots.

  • Program their robots to complete tasks and obstacle courses.

  • Be given the chance to take their robot home to continue programming at their own pace 

Are you ready to build your robot?


Course Ages: 11-13, 14-17

Prior exposure to Arduino platform is beneficial, but not required

10 weeks

All materials & equipment are provided

Take your 3D robot home (optional) - $55 

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