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Coding with Robots

What if you could build your own robot? What would it look like: a bug, an animal, may be a minion, a Pokémon or a Spiderman? What this robot would be able to do:  to walk, to talk, to do your household chores and, maybe even do your school assignments?  Get ready to have an army of robots under your command! This course provides students with unique experience and inside look at the science of robotics. 

What does this course cover:

In this interactive and hands on course, students will

  • Gain experience working with a miniature robot Finch.


  • Develop an understanding of circuits.


  • Design and build their own robot.


  • Use Scratch programming language to control their robot.

What can be more fun than coding every step your own robot makes?

Course Ages: 8-10, 11-13

No prior programming knowledge is required

10 weeks

All materials & equipment are provided

As a radiologist, I know the importance of technology in our day-to-day life. I feel it is as essential a skill as Math and English. In Cyberlaunch, I have been extremely pleased with the high-quality education and individual attention my children receive. They enjoy it immensely and are learning a lot. My oldest has even had a chance to apply this knowledge to his schoolwork and projects in middle school. I would highly recommend Cyberlaunch to anyone who wants to give their children a solid foundation for their future.

Mom of three computer enthusiasts

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