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Advanced Website Design with JavaScript

Course Ages: 11-13, 14-17

Prerequisite:  Knowledge of HTML and CSS 

10 Weeks

All materials & equipment are provided

“We drive three hours each way to ensure our daughters have the chance to attend the CyberGirls experience. It is outstanding education in a great environment, and it is fun! Our girls love it, and would not miss it.”

Do you want to add image gallery or blog to your website? Then learn how to create an interactive website using JavaScript! This course is specifically designed as a sequel to introductory web design course and is perfect for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the world of web development.

What does this course cover:

By the end of this advanced course students will

  • Gain a good understanding of JavaScript programming language.

  • Receive a brief introduction into jQuery library.

  • Have a working 2-3 page responsive website.

  • Use JavaScript/jQuery to enhance web pages

Who wouldn't want their own website?


Sarah, Bangor, Maine

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