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CyberSummit: CyberYouth and Arduinos

On May 15th, 120 students from across the country joined CyberLaunch Academy for exciting Arduino workshops at the CyberSmart 2018 Summit. These determined and cyber-smart students are known as the CyberTitans. Teams of high school and middle school students were competing for two days in Fredericton solving various cyber security challenges. This event was part of larger Canada’s Cyber Security Education Initiative aimed to promoting cyber security awareness among students. At our workshop the CyberTitans explored embedded systems and how we use computers in household machines. They also had an opportunity to

investigate the principles behind the operation of microcontrollers and breadboards using Arduio platform – the platform we at CyberLaunch Academy use for teaching advanced circuitry and programming. CyberTitans finished the exciting workshop by completing a challenge where they had to program LEDs using the Arduino board, resistors and wires.

A big thank you to CyberNB and Opportunities New Brunswick for inviting us to engage with students leading the cyber education initiative.

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