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KIDS (7-17)

Adventure World of Computing

Dive into the world of modern computing! Try robotics, virtual reality, animation, coding - all in one course.

Ages 7-11

Coding with robots

Everybody loves robots. Come learn how to code robots and build your own!

Ages 8-12

Web design

Learn how to create a professional quality web site — perfect for hobby or school projects. Get started in web development by learning HTML and CSS.

Ages 10-17

Personal online security

How to secure your phone?  What is malware? What password is easy to break? Come learn basic everybody-needs-to-know cyber safety tips with us!

Ages 11-17

Computer animation

Explore the basics of 2D computer animation. 

Bring your Hairy Monsters to life!

Ages 10-17

Computer animation 3

Learn principles of character design & layout, work on exaggeration, anticipation, and overlapping techniques.  Combine all animation principles in your own animation!

Ages 10-17

Learn more

Magic circuits with Arduino

Crash course into electronics and coding with Arduino microprocessors.

Ages 11-17

Introduction into game  design with Kodu

Nobody is too young to start creating cool 3D games!

Ages 7-9

Minecraft world building

Still building your Minecraft worlds with blocks? Learn how to create your own adventure world with advanced map-making and 3D design techniques.

Ages 8-11

Advanced website design with Javascript

Do you want to add image gallery or blog to your website? Learn how to create an interactive website using Javascript. 

Ages 10-17

Coding with drones

Learn to code your own drone to fly! 

This course will teach programming concepts in Arduino programming environment.

Ages 10-17

Computer animation 2

Continue exploring digital animation. Learn 12 principles of computer animation.

Ages 10-17

3D game design with Unity

Learn 3D game design with Unity3D and C# programming language.

Ages 12-17

Build 3D Arduino robot

Learn robotics & electronics with with Arduino. Build & code your own 3D printed Arduino robot.

Ages 11-17

Introduction to 3D printing

Learn basic 3D printing techniques. Use 3D modeling software to design your product and print your own 3D designs.   

Ages 11-17

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